2018 Anniversary Jersey for Women

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#5YearsOfGlory incapsulated into our 2018 Anniversary Jersey.

THE BLACK:  Black is a timeless color created from the absorption of all pigments, shades and hues. In the same spirit, the Republic FC identity is forged by the convergence of people from all walks of life in Sacramento. The power of this crest lies in all of us coming together as one.
THE STRIPES:  The stripes on this kit elicit an image of energy, movement and continuity. Like the passion for Republic FC, these lines are perpetual, unceasing and constant.
THE CREST:  The Republic FC crest is placed at the heart of all of our kits. Now featured in grayscale, this crest gives equal importance to all colors. This showcases the true meaning of a “Republic for All.”
THE PARTNER:  UC Davis Health has been an indomitable partner since the Club’s launch and is representative of our joint commitment to this
THE CHANT:  Inside the jersey as a reminder of who the club was built by and
who the club is built for.


  • Tailored fit for natural range of motion
  • Fabric: Dri-FIT 100% polyester
  • Machine wash; Tumble dry low
  • Model is wearing a size Small